THANK YOU: These words just don’t seem to be enough in expressing my appreciation to all who volunteer and help in the parish. Just the last few weeks, Lent, Holy Week and Easter were some beautiful celebrations. I wish to thank all who planned and participated, those who cleaned and prepared the Church, those who decorated and made the Church so beautiful and inviting, those who participated in the liturgies and services from our talented choirs, musicians, cantors, servers, ministers, lectors and ushers. When you walk into Church for a Sunday Mass, to pay a simple visit or come to an Easter celebration, these people make it prayerful, inviting and spiritually rewarding. Thank You!

There are others who work in other areas as well. We have a dedicated office staff that keeps the place running smoothly, scheduling things, and just paying the bills. We have a host of people, CCD Coordinator, teachers and aides who take care of our children by helping them with their prayers and understanding of their faith. Even those who offer an adult time to learn more about our religion. There are those who made sure the place is clean, open and ready for you like our volunteer cleaning group on Monday mornings and our maintenance staff (they love snow!?!). Many people give their time, talent and energy to help in our parish. Thank You just doesn’t seem enough. But THANK YOU! and GOD BLESS YOU! for all you do for God, His Church and for me as your Pastor.