Our Annual Homecoming Bazaar has come to another successful conclusion. A little rain during the week and on Friday night dampened the activities a bit, but it didn’t hurt the spirit of all who came out. I just want to take this moment to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to all who did so much to make our Bazaar a successful parish activity. Our general chairpersons, the Brosnan Family, and the general chairperson from all the sections of the bazaar did a fantastic job of planning, coordinating and executing the many aspects of the Bazaar. It was a bit rough in the set-up stage, but those few who came every day did one great job of getting the area together. They were there for cleanup as well, until almost 6:00 P.M. Sunday evening. All who worked the stands and booths were doing great at their tasks but also representing the parish in sharing our good will and welcoming atmosphere. These may seem like just words, but I do greatly appreciate all who made the effort to make our 2018 Bazaar a SUCCESS. Thank You! God Bless You! May what you have given be returned to you many times over! Results of the Bazaar will be shared at the Appreciation ice cream social on Wednesday, August 29th.

Thank You!
Fr. Rich