It is a very unusual time we are experiencing in our parish, our country and around the world. When we had experienced disasters, like 9-1-1, we were told to go out and work together to rebuild and support one another and our country. Now we are asked to stay inside, don’t connect with others, avoid physical contact. This is not our way. It is different. And it is difficult. But maybe it’s this difference we need to embrace for the moment. Why avoid contact? To protect one another from spreading this virus. But maybe in this solitude and quarantine, we can be more positive. Make it an opportunity to acknowledge our faith. Our Lenten discipline of Prayer can be deepened. And maybe in prayer, we can feel not only the presence of the Lord, and also our union with one another, as we remember the needs of our neighbor. Don’t let this quarantine bring us down. Make this time one for catching up on those things we had no time for; make it a time to enjoy with our families; make it a time to plan our future as our lives will have truly changed. This pandemic will end. The virus will be controlled and go away. And our lives will go back to normal – but this normal should be a new normal. One that truly connects us with our neighbor and looking out for others; one that brings us closer to the Lord; and one that will help us appreciate all that we have. Be safe!

And God Bless You All!

Fr. Rich