The shelter-in-place order from Governor Wolf continues through the month of April. Our Bishop, along with so many other Bishops, have cancelled the Holy Week and Easter Masses and Services. All this is being done in the best interests of the people. It is there to help stop the spread of
the corona virus and trying to keep people safe and healthy.

We are asked to stay at home but not to stop living. Conversation can be a great comfort to families as we share our fears and, more importantly, share our hopes. Praying together helps us to focus beyond our own needs and think about others.

Focus on the Scriptures for strength. Jesus carried the Cross when He could have easily just walked away. The Apostles could have abandoned their faith after Jesus ascended, but they became stronger through the gift of the Holy Spirit. Rely on your faith. Feel the strength of the Lord. Come to understand the fortitude of the Holy Spirit in your lives.

We all may be shelter-in-place but we are also all together in the faith and love of Jesus.

Stay healthy! Stay well! And God Bless You!

Fr. Rich