Happy Easter!

This seems like a greeting that doesn’t fit the occasion. However, this greeting is a perfect one for the occasion,. It’s a day to celebrate! Christ has Risen! He has defeated sin and death by coming back from the cross. What a victory! What a success!

In the midst of the crisis facing our world, we need to be positive and look to a future when this virus has been eradicated. But it can’t be going back to the usual. It necessitates a change. When Jesus rose from the dead, they did not recognize Him. Why? Maybe because they still didn’t grasp what resurrection meant. They didn’t understand when He said He would come back to life. And their lives would be changed. Once they believed, they saw. And then their lives changed.

Do we have faith in the Lord? Do we believe He has risen? Do we believe that the Lord will get us through all this? Today is the day that we celebrate new life. Jesus has risen from the dead. He has given us new purpose by forgiving our sins and showing He has the power even over death. This is the power we need to overcome this crisis. This is the power that gives us what we need to do and remain in the shelter-in-place restrictions. Stay home and celebrate with family the great feast of victory. And plan that Christ’s victory over sin and death will soon be our victory over this virus and renew our lives for the better – being more appreciative of what we have been given.

God Bless! Happy Easter