The Biblical concept of mercy always involves help to those who are in need or distress. Such help covers a broad range, including God’s forgiveness of our sins.

The Biblical definition of mercy translated for us today simply says that mercy is a personal characteristic of care for the needs of others. During this pandemic and shelter-at-home restrictions, we see so many examples of mercy from people offering assistance to others and those checking on a needy neighbor as well as many feeding those in need. We see those working on the front lines putting their own health at risk, but providing for the rest of us. This is mercy.

Today is Divine Mercy Sunday. The mercy of God touches the lives of each and every one of us. It could be the forgiveness of our sins, an answer to a prayer, or simply a feeling of peace in our hearts. It is this mercy that will carry us through the crisis we are experiencing. It is this mercy of God that will fortify us to overcome this virus, strengthen our faith, and make us stronger and more faithful Christians.

May the mercy of God permeate your hearts and direct the actions of your lives.

Fr. Rich