Today’s Gospel is the third parable speaking about the Kingdom of God and the Lord’s invitation to enter. We are told today that we are invited to the Banquet. Maybe that banquet is the Eucharist; maybe the banquet is the Church.

Jesus tells us these three stories making the same point because it is a crucial one. And the Church chooses to recount these three stories in a row each year we’re reading Matthew, it’s because the message is equally urgent for us. God invites us to new life in Baptism: Let’s be new people! The table is set with food for the journey: Come to the Feast! The Spirit lives in the church: May we be courageous in our witness! Our sins are forgiven: Let go of the past! Anointing is offered: Embrace the power of healing! Our love is made holy in Christ: Let’s support each other as we grow in wisdom and grace. Our service is also blessed by God: And so we offer our compassion and aid to all in the name of Jesus