In the opening verse of today’s Gospel, the Jews were complaining about Jesus. They didn’t seem to like what Jesus was saying. They didn’t want to accept who He was.

We all do our fair share of complaining, and sometimes with good reason. We complain about the weather a great deal. We complain about all kinds of things. If we are not careful we can find ourselves complaining about nothing in particular, just complaining. We can easily get ourselves into a very negative frame of mind. We see the problems but we see nothing else. We fail to see the bigger picture which will nearly always have brighter shades in it.

When we come to Mass today and any day, bring your complaints to Jesus. But at the same time open your hearts to His response, because it will be one of love, compassion and forgiveness. All He does for us, He wants us to do for each other. Let’s stop complaining and start sharing the kindness, joy and happiness of the Lord.