Jesus said to the rich young man who wanted a guarantee to eternal life to sell what you have, give it to the poor, and then come and follow me. What does it mean to follow Jesus? Simply put it is to live a life based on the words and actions of Jesus.

In the last few weeks we have asked for people to help volunteer at the Church. Examples: Ministering at Mass or taking communion to homebound, singing in the choirs, helping out at a dinner or parish event, or simply sharing some of your time with the parish. These aren’t exceptional duties that stand out and garner front page news. But they are simple, everyday ways where we can help out each other, our parish and our neighbor. Fear of not knowing what to do can hold one back, Over involvement may scare one away. Saying one is too busy to help is the best excuse to hold back from helping. Why not give it a try and be of some help in your parish! Volunteer. Get involved. Share your time and talent. I guarantee you will feel better for it