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Ordinary Time is anything but ordinary.

by Fr. Rich

We have begun Ordinary Time in the Church’s liturgical year. It starts now until the start of Lent and again after Easter until Advent. During this time, the prayers and readings have us accompany Jesus in his public ministry. We hear of His healings, His signs and miracles, and His all important teachings so that […]

Christmas Thank You

by Fr. Rich

It’s been an unusual Christmas this past year. Covid and its variants, disrupted our routines, masking and other things have put a scare into our celebrations and lives. Despite all this, our Christmas collection amounted to $16,827.00. Thank You for your generous support and all you give and do for your parish. God Bless You!

Be not afraid to profess our beliefs.

by Fr. Rich

With Jesus’ Baptism, we hear God speak this is my beloved, listen to him. It began the public ministry of Jesus, his teachings, miracles, parables and all that he was about. Our baptism is more than a ritual or a time for a party or family gathering. It is our being called to be a […]