Back in seminary days, I read a small booklet that said that there is more religion and life decisions spoken about at the kitchen table. Did you ever wonder why there are so many social events that serve food here in the parish? Today we have our Annual Parish Picnic. And yes, there will be a variety of foods being served. But the important things about this gathering isn’t the food or who wins the games or what are the topics of conversation. The important part is the gathering of the Parish Family. There will be a lot of laughter that brings joy to the soul. There will be sharing of ideas from the weather to the color of the new building next door. All can speak with criticism, without being told no. Just enjoying the company of family and friends at the kitchen table. Feel God’s grace in your words because they are coming from your heart. Experience the Lord’s peace as you share a meal with friends. Come and enjoy and walk away satisfied – full stomachs, contented minds and and peaceful hearts.