The end of the summer is here. Next week we will celebrate Labor Day, the beginning of school, and the start of our ‘regular’ routines that we have become accustomed to. Some view this sadly because the vacations are over and we’re going back to the old humdrum routines of the past. But maybe this year we can look at the Fall season as a challenge to greater things. The pandemic for the most part if over. Old ways have been forgotten.

Now a new challenge awaits us to make things bigger and better then they have been. Let’s work on bringing our families closer together – more family activities like meals and social events and even coming to Church together as a family. See where you can offer yourself and your talents for the betterment of others through volunteering. Reach out to neighbors and even some estranged family members and renew acquaintances. All of this will make our lives different, better, and more enjoyable.

Do you want to go back to what was before? Or would you rather move forward and see what great things await you?