Future Events   (published 5/13/2018)

A special parish Barbecue is planned for Sunday, August 26th . All parish families are invited to attend our celebration. Tickets for this event will be available in June ($5.00 donation or $20 per family is asked). There will be delicious foods and fun games for young and old. It will be a
great Sunday afternoon get together.

Parish Youth Day is set for Sunday, September 9th . It will begin with our Annual Book Bag Mass at 11:00 A.M. Then a carnival of games and activities will be held all afternoon for the children. They can win prizes, try some games of skill, compete in some activities, maybe a little talent show and, of course, some food and desserts.

Anniversary Mass & Formal Dinner at the Stroudsmoor Inn is set for Sunday,  September 23rd . Bishop Bambera will be main celebrant of the Mass. Invitations will be mailed at the end of May. Cost of the dinner will be $55.00 per person and be available on a first come basis.

A Parish Mission led by Franciscan Missionary, Father Kevin Cronin will conclude our celebrations on October 14th – 17th . We began as a parish family at prayer and we will move into the future with Jesus through prayer and devotion.

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50th Anniversary Parish Pictorial Directory Scheduling Available (published 4/5/2018)

We are planning a Parish Pictorial Directory for our 50th Anniversary.  There is no cost for this and you will receive a free directory with family pictures as well as pictures and information about our parish and its 50th Anniversary.

We have over 200 families signed up to have pictures taken for the parish directory. It would be great if we could get 200 more. Remember this is a chance to get a free picture of your family and you will also get a free parish directory. Go to the website and sign up or call Debbie at 570-629-9925 or Marlene at 570-619-5251. The next sign-up weekend is June 2/3. With the great response, we are looking to set up  another week of picture taking in August. Let’s show our support of our parish community and get a special keepsake in return.

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50th ANNIVERSARY YOUTH ART CONTEST (published 3/18/2018) 

The Anniversary Committee is sponsoring an Art Contest for the children and youth of the parish. There are five age categories from preschool through high school students. Applications are being handed out at CCD Classes and are also available at the Information Booth and the table in the Narthex.

Art work must be Faith-Church related and must be submitted by April 22nd . The following weekend the parishioners will vote for the best in each category as the art work is displayed.

50th ANNIVERSARY COMMITTEE CALENDAR (published 3/11/2018)
This year, 2018, is our parish 50th Anniversary year  and we have a number of activities planned to celebrate this milestone in our parish.

Some of the activities and plans are listed here. More information on each of them will be published as they come closer.

• March/April: we will be sponsoring a youth art contest about the Church and its celebrations.
• There are statutes of Our Lady of Victory that have been acquired and will be raffled off to people who attend the different functions.
• A Parish Pictorial Directory, Anniversary Edition, is planned for the summer. Times and dates for picture taking will soon be announced.
• A parish wide BBQ is planned for August 26th so that all families can enjoy a celebration of our anniversary.
• Parish Youth Day is set for September 9th where carnival of games and activities are planned.
• Anniversary Mass & formal dinner at the Stroudsmoor is set for Sunday, September 23rd . Bishop Bambera will be the main celebrant of the Mass. Invitations will be mailed soon.
• A Parish Mission led by Franciscan  Missionary, Fr. Kevin Cronin will take place October 14-17th.

As these activities come closer, information will be sent out to everyone with more particulars of the events

February 24th, 2018

50 ANNIVERSARY COMMITTEE MEETING is  Monday February 26th beginning at 7:00 P.M. in the church hall.

More detailed reports will be given concerning the activities of  our anniversary. Finalized dates for having pictures taken for our Parish Pictorial Directory, Invitations for the formal dinner, final menus for the general parish party will be just some of the items discussed. It’s getting closer to our grand celebration. Sunday,  September 23 will be our anniversary Mass with Bishop Bambera followed by a formal dinner and reception. Exact details and times of all the events and activities will soon be mailed to everyone.