• February 20, 2018 - Tuesday of the First Week of Lent
    on February 20, 2018 at 5:00 am

    Teaching about Prayer/The Lord’s Prayer Matthew 6:7-15 The disciples have seen Jesus pray and want to learn. He begins the instruction by cautioning them about “babbling” as a means to draw attention to oneself. The Father knows their needs. Jesus gives them a prayer, perfect in that it begins with an invocation and continues with a series of petitions to God asking for all that anyone really needs. Prayer: Thank you for teaching this disciple how to pray. When my attempts fail, and distractions overwhelm me, I use the words you taught and find personal meaning in each of the petitions, which lead me to greater reflection and to you. […]

  • February 19, 2018 - Monday of the First Week of Lent
    on February 19, 2018 at 5:00 am

    The Judgment of the Nations Matthew 25: 31-46 At the final judgment, the Son of Man is likened to a shepherd who will separate all humanity into two groupings. The sheep are those who have loved and cared for all in need. The goats have not shown compassion and love to the “least.” Prayer: St. John of the Cross reminds us that we will be judged according to how much we have loved. What does that mean for me? Who are the “least” in my life? […]

  • February 18, 2018 - First Sunday of Lent
    on February 18, 2018 at 5:00 am

    The Temptation of Jesus/The Beginning of the Galilean Ministry Mark 1:12-15 Though brief when compared with Matthew and Luke, Mark’s account of the beginning of Jesus’ ministry preceded by his temptation in the desert is very direct. Jesus is led by the Spirit into the desert and for 40 days is tested by Satan. With his Father’s protection, he withstands the test and is ready. Prayer: We pray God’s protection for all experiencing a time of testing in their lives. May their weakness become their strength, and may they endure until they are healed and whole. […]

  • February 17, 2018 - Saturday after Ash Wednesday
    on February 17, 2018 at 5:00 am

    The Call of Levi Luke 5:27-32 The Pharisees criticize Jesus for his association with tax collectors. They were a disreputable bunch well known for their dishonest practices. To complicate matters, Jesus and his disciples join Levi and his associates for dinner. This is problematic since the tax collectors were associated with Gentiles and were therefore ritually unclean. Jesus is undaunted and makes it quite clear that these are the people who need him. Prayer: There are those I avoid or completely ignore who need my service the most. Help me, Lord, to reach outside my comfort zone with a word, a touch, or perhaps even an invitation. […]

  • February 16, 2018 - Friday after Ash Wednesday
    on February 16, 2018 at 5:00 am

    The Question about Fasting Matthew 9:14-15 Again, Jewish religious practices are held over Jesus, this time by John’s disciples. Since fasting was typically a sign of mourning, Jesus responds to them by telling them that this is a time for joy. He, the bridegroom, is with them. He goes on to say that the time for fasting will come when he is no longer with them. Prayer: Do I fast while carrying out my own pursuits? At the end of the day am I my same old self, fighting and quarreling with others? You ask me to forgive, to feed, to share, to clothe. I will reexamine my methods and motives this Lent in an earnest attempt to please you. […]