The following are the guidelines for our Masses.

  • Masses are held in Church and, if necessary, at the same time, live streamed into the Church Hall.
  • Seating is marked off to follow proper social distancing.
  • Each Mass will be limited to a certain number in attendance and then doors closed. (Don’t be late!)
  • Due to limited attendance, you will need to call the Church (570-629-0593) to reserve you place at a Mass. You just can’t show up. If our limit is reached, you won’t be allowed in.
  • Everyone will be required to wear a mask.
  • Communion will be given only in the hand and at the end of Mass.
  • Dismissal will be right after receiving Holy Communion.
  • After each Mass, the Church & Hall will be closed to be sanitized and wiped down. (Therefore, after Mass everyone will be asked to exit).

The obligation to attend Sunday Mass remains suspended at this time. So whatever Mass you attend, weekday or weekend, consider this your Sunday Mass and an opportunity to receive the Eucharist.