Just some reminders as you come to Church. If you are not feeling well, running a fever and the like, please stay home. You may not have covid, but let’s not take the chance of infecting others. Please wear a mask during your time in Church and at Mass. Seating will follow socially distant guidelines. Please be willing to move into the pew so others don’t have to crawl over you to get in the pew.

Don’t register for a Mass if you are not sure if you will be attending that Mass. You can call during the week to reserve. We have no one in the office on Saturdays, so you need to reserve by Friday. And please do not gather in the Narthex after Mass. If you need to socialize, please go outside, by your cars or by the outside Hall doors and keep socially distant.

Please note, due to the number of people registering for Christmas Masses, reservations will be held up to ten minutes prior to the start of Mass. After that, if anyone is waiting, we will allow them to enter and your seat will be taken. Also, please note the Governor’s words, that if someone is coming from out of state, from a high risk or covid hot spot area, or has been in contact with a positive covid individual, they should be quarantined for at least ten days and not just show up at Church. We need to keep the safety of all in mind.

Keep safe and stay healthy. God Bless You!