THE SHEPHERD IN SEARCH OF …. If you have a child or grandchild or you are an educator you have surely heard of the elf on the shelf. But here at OLV, a little shepherd has arrived and is looking for the baby Jesus. He has been spotted wondering around the Church and the CCD classrooms searching. On Sundays he likes to visit the Church. He doesn’t want to go on the altar so he won’t disturb the Mass. If you spot the Shepherd you can take his picture or take your picture next to him. Please do not touch him as he is very shy and will probably disappear. If you like, you can post your pictures on the OLV Facebook page. Our little shepherd does not have a name, When you post your picture on facebook, make a suggestion. We will pick one and name him at the Christmas Mass on Christmas Eve. Have fun looking for him, but please remember to respect the Church and never take pictures during Mass.