Our Parish

Dear Parishioner:

We are the Body of Christ – the Church. Each member of this Body has a purpose. In other words, we are disciples of Christ. And just as Jesus sent His disciples into the world to preach the Kingdom of God, so are we sent.

This website is meant to be a resource for you and your family. It provides information about how you can share your talents and abilities with your parish faith community by describing the many ministries, organizations, committees, and activities that are available to you here at Our Lady of Victory.

Take some time to read over this website. Reflect and pray on the many gifts and talents God has given you. Then consider how and where you would like to participate in your parish. The opportunities are many.

When Jesus sent out His disciples, he told them they needed to take nothing with them except their faith and trust in God. To serve in the Church starts with that same faith. Trust in Jesus and you have what is necessary to serve your parish community and His people.

Sincerely yours in Christ,
Rev. Richard E. Czachor



Our Lady of Victory Parish is a welcoming Catholic community

dedicated to the mission

to Know, Love & Serve God by living the Eucharist.

Our Lady of Victory Parish, a Church of the Diocese of Scranton, in union with the Pope, and under the direction of our pastor, is called through baptism to share in the mission of Jesus Christ.

Through Word, Worship and Service, and guided by the Holy Spirit, we aspire to create a community that is welcoming of all and an environment of opportunity, fellowship and hospitality where we are nurtured, refreshed and empowered to be a living Church.

As stewards of the blessings and gifts God has bestowed upon us, through prayer, dedication, determination, and participation, we journey with all people toward the fulfillment of God’s Word – Eternal Life.

Our Lady of Victory Parish is but one Church in the Universal Catholic Church. It is part of the “Body of Christ” serving the people of Tannersville and the surrounding communities in the Poconos. It shares in the mission of Jesus Christ as given to the Apostles, “God, therefore, and make disciples of all nations…” (Mt 28:19)

Our guidance is the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. We teach and exemplify the Gospel message to love one another with a welcoming and inviting atmosphere. We celebrate the Sacraments, especially the Eucharist, to make Christ’s presence visible and viable in the lives of the people. We share our time, talent and treasure so that all may benefit and be supported by one another.

Our discipleship calls us to be good stewards of God’s graces. Through our lives of prayer and personal commitment, we work as a community of faith striving to reach that eternal goal of heaven promised by our Savior Jesus Christ.

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